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Our History

RSA Market Agents (then called Interland) was founded in 1974 and renamed RSA in September 1981.

Thirty years of growth in the industry has seen our company become a leader in its field, offering you the marketing edge you need to add value to your operation.

Time line of events in the RSA group history from 1984 up to 2018


To maintain a position of leadership within the fresh produce industry.

Illustration of an investigation of various successes like ides, strategy and awards


To provide a professional sales service to all marketers of fresh produce by embracing our 8 core values:

A commitment to truth, honesty and trust.
Answerable for all our actions and committed to serving the needs of our principals and their customers.
Respect for the individual
The basis of all our behaviour. We will practise this principle with sincerity and faithfulness.
Our service will be of the highest standard, and we will continue to ensure that we incorporate the latest technology.
To be loyal to all who support us and to our values and principles.
Planning and preparation
This will ensure our ability to meet our commitments each day.
Our channels of communication will always be open and honest.
To contribute pro-actively to the total fresh produce marketing system.

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