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RSA Group Executive Summary

More than thirty years of growth in the industry has seen our company become a leader in its field, offering you the marketing edge you need to add value to your operation.

What Enables The RSA Group To Achieve And Continue Achieving?

  • We believe in Fresh Produce Markets, the Agent Model and we uphold the ad valorem commission system and our fiduciary relationship with producers.
  • We are supported by all the leading producers over the full spectrum of fresh fruit and vegetables.
  • Our dedication to the purity of price discovery through free market principles is unquestionable.
  • Horizontal integration in different marketing channels.
  • Mutually synergistic relationships.

RSA has grown from a single agency on the Joburg market to a company that owns market agencies in all major markets (Bloemfontein, Cape Town, Durban, Joburg, Pretoria and Springs) and two regional markets at Mooketsi and Polokwane.

Our focus on delivering the same brand of service, yet adapted to suit the retail channel, with Federated Farmers, is proving very successful.

Our producer support base encourages us to look at other national and regional marketing channels, where we can add value to their marketing strategies through state-of-the-art information technology. By linking these markets electronically, RSA is in the unique position to supply real-time sales and accounting information on produce sold and to effect instant electronic payments. This intensive use of information puts the RSA Group in a position to deliver high levels of transparency to growers. Information technology allows RSA management and traders to monitor, measure and analyse sales performances.

Fresh produce marketers are moving into an era of greater collaboration between industry stakeholders. The RSA Group is without doubt a service provider. It does not grow, pack or buy fresh produce. It markets a ‘profreshional’ sales service to those who market fresh produce. We believe producers will greatly benefit from RSA Group implementing this concept in the fresh produce industry in South Africa for many years to come.

Jaco Oosthuizen

RSA Group Chief Executive Officer