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Value proposition

Because we have a Farmer First Philosophy, principals who are looking for a secured sale at a fair market price, their brand to be recognised, supporting information and streamlined administration, select us.

Our extensive, multi-channel network of best buyers, best traders, brand-building and merchandising capabilities and strategic partnership approach, all founded on market intelligence and efficient administration, deliver the sale at a bankable price. The business goals are aligned, brand equity grown and channels optimised. We are best practice.

RSA Group trade channels

Illustration demonstrating the flow of products from growers to RSA agents

Illustration demonstrating the flow of products from growers to RSA agents

The RSA Group adheres to a Farmer First Philosophy. The principal remains the owner of the product as far down the channel as possible in this horizontal integration process.

The RSA Group is a service provider in all the channels, virtual trading, the fresh produce market, regional market, off market trading and in the export market. The RSA Group trade routes in this horizontal integration process is unique in the fresh fruit and vegetable industry.

We sell a professional sales service optimising the various channels within the industry.

Time line of events in the RSA group history from 1984 up to 2018

Best buyer network

  • The buyers range across LSM 1-10 groups
  • Free access, no barriers for any buyer to buy on the Fresh Produce market
  • Trading circumstances on the RSA GROUP sales floors are very buyer friendly
  • All buyers are invited to all our promotions and brand- or product building exercises or launches
  • Pre-orders are accommodated
  • 10 000 - 20 000+ registered buyers on each of the four main Fresh Produce markets
  • Buyer loyalty programme to be rolled out in the near future

Business intelligence

The effective conveying of information into intelligence is becoming central to the future success of any organisation. Delivering business intelligence involves the collection, conversion and collation of various diverse data sets.

RSA employs various tools to deliver information services to traders, (salesmen), growers, management, industry bodies and the public.

RSA offers various information services

  • National fresh produce market sales comparisons based on sales value, mass and Rand per kilogram
  • Historic trends across 250 different product lines and for 20 fresh produce markets is available dating back to 1991
  • Retail channel sales trends
  • Producer sales performance reviews, comparing producer’s performance against markets
  • Custom reporting focusing on particular request from growers
  • Assist strategic planning and market initiatives
  • Provide information used for production planning of new varieties and containers
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of promotional campaigns

This intensive usage of information puts RSA in a position to deliver high levels of transparency to growers. Key to the service RSA offers is the price discovery function. Utilising information on a day to day basis allows RSA management and traders to monitor, measure and analyse sales performances pro-actively. This puts the trader of RSA in an unique position to make informed decisions around price, demand and supply dynamics.

Legislation directly affecting RSA Group day to day operations

  1. Agricultural Produce Agents Act
  2. Market by-Laws
  3. Marketing Act
  4. Weights and Measurement Standards Act
  5. Trade Metrology Act
  6. Occupational Health Safety Act
  7. Basic Conditions of Employment Act
  8. Labour Relations Act
  9. Employment Equity Act
  10. Skills Development Act
  11. Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment Act
  12. Consumer Protection Act
  13. Finance Intelligence Centre act (Fica)
  14. Companies Act
  15. All Relevant tax Acts

Top producer and brand profile

RSA have top producer brands in apples, avocados, bananas, carrots, grapes, potatoes, soft citrus, oranges, onions, tomatoes and other vegetables

  • Long term strategic relationships build into partnerships with principals
  • We understand our partners’ business, agree on common objectives and share in risks
  • Top producers support RSA due to price integrity
  • Price Integrity is the free intersection of supply and demand, the uncontaminated discovery of price for the product for that moment in time, the balancing of repeat purchase demands with maximum price suppliers, free from any undue conflict, the real/actual price without manipulation

Brand building & merchandising

Floor packed with fresh fruit and vegetables

  • The brand building and merchandising activity forms part of RSA’s range of produce and brand portfolios
  • RSA provides a stage for building a brand
  • We apply professional retail merchandising principles on the fresh produce market
  • Our merchandising capabilities aid in the brand building exercise
  • Visual merchandising requires an understanding of the brand, the buyer, the product and how to segment it and present it to its best advantage to drive sales
  • You need to capture the attention of all buyers by using themes, variation, unusual displays and applying the elements and principles of design, as no one wants to have boring product display
  • The displays and appearance are kept fresh by using color, signage and graphics
  • Cross product and cross aisle merchandising is used
  • We attract and expose buyers and potential buyers to the branded products
  • Visibility, sequencing, signage and atmosphere on the sales floor help build the brand in the eyes of the buyers in our uniform look and feel across the RSA GROUP
  • Merchandising teams are being scheduled in the near future
  • In-store promotions accompanied by displays done in stores


  • Best traders country wide
  • Respected within the industry and lead in their product sales category
  • Commission based in all channels
  • Ongoing and continuous development and training
  • They all show great professionalism with operational savvy
  • Succession planning in place
  • Pro-activity involved in Producer Days, Launches, Promotional Industry matters
  • Pioneers in the fresh fruit and vegetable industry having erected the first ripening rooms, coldrooms and pre-pack vegetable coldroom on the market sales floor
  • Recipients of various industry awards in the past to recognise their skills, talents and performance:
    • Fresh Produce marketer of the year
    • National winner “Best Apple and Pear agent”
    • Mango sales person of the year
    • Winner of the LeBombo Marketing competition