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Warming up this winter with The Profreshionals

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Can you remember the days when our mothers or grandmothers cooked delicious soups to help make winter and the cold weather bearable? Those delicious aromas of vegetable soup or bean and bone marrow soup that filled the house while you waited patiently for it to finish cooking...

Not much has changed and when winter arrives the first thing we think of is to make soups and stews. Not only are soups healthy but they are also cost effective as a small quantity of vegetables can go a long way. Soup also freezes well which makes it easy to cook soup in bulk and keep in the freezer for those nights where you don’t feel like cooking or when you want a delicious lunch at work on a cold day.

The RSA Group recently ran a Soup Recipe Competition for their staff. Please see the attached booklet for all the entrants in the competition. We hope you enjoy making them as much as we did.