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RSA International is based in Cape Town and specialises in the export of fresh produce. Kiwi King has been incorporated into this arm of the business. RSA’s Farmer First Philosophy and Value Proposition are also followed by RSA International. The cornerstone of our export strategy lies in promoting our principals’ brands internationally, while supplying non-traditional markets has become one of our key operational advantages.

  • Export transactions are fully transparent and supported by an effective logistics, administrative and financial system, as well as a communication policy that coincides with the value system of the Group, paving the way for better business.
  • We at RSA International strongly believe in our value system and culture; often they are very simple but very powerful tools for us to achieve our “vision”, which is to maintain a position of leadership in the fresh produce industry. Integrity and accountability are the virtues we uphold in every transaction.
  • We share industry knowledge with growers. Our procurement and key account managers communicate daily with the farms to share our knowledge of prices in different regions, and advise where to load what and when.
  • We believe brand value is the greatest intangible asset of a grower and are therefore committed to promoting the brand(s) in all the regions to which we export.

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