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Kiwi King is an importer of exotics and contracted distributor of Zespri Kiwifruit in Southern Africa. Kiwifruit is imported mainly from New Zealand, Italy and Greece.
Through a long standing relationship and exceptional service, Kiwi King and Zespri have grown the Kiwifruit market in South Africa significantly over the past 20 years. This trend will continue well into the future.

In its 20 years of operation, Kiwi King has become the true leader in kiwifruit in South Africa. Originally a family business, Kiwi King is now in its 3rd generation and is committed to the growth of the business and the Zespri kiwifruit brand.

In March 2015, the RSA Group invested in Kiwi King as the business is well aligned with our growth ,expansion goals and value principles. Together the RSA Group and Kiwi King will take the business to new heights in the future.

Advantages of using Kiwi King

  • Distributor of Zespri Kiwifruit
  • Lowest possible cost channel to procure Kiwifruit
  • Exceptional customer service encompassing the best that Kiwi King has to offer
  • Access to broader Kiwifruit market information
  • Total transparency
  • National footprint

Current Kiwi King marketing channels include

  • Markets
  • All the major fresh produce markets in South Africa
  • Direct
  • Various independent buyers who have well established relationships with Kiwi King
  • Retail
  • Most of the major retail chains in South Africa

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