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RSA International is based in Cape Town and specialises in the export of fresh produce. Kiwi King has been incorporated into this arm of the business. RSA’s Farmer First Philosophy and value proposition is also followed by RSA International. Promoting the brands of our principals internationally form the cornerstone of our export strategy and supplying non-traditional markets has become one of our key operational advantages.

  • Export & Import.
  • 30 years’ experience in the field of exports, skilled, service orientated.
  • Transactions are regulated by legislation, Act 12/92. This ensures greater security to suppliers.
  • Specialises in Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia.
  • Also services Middle East and the United Kingdom and Europe.
  • Quality control during the transaction chain from packing to documentation to shipping to monitoring of final destination.
  • Supplier (farmer) stays the owner of the product up until the execution of the sale.
  • Exclusive and long-term relationships with selected farms, which ensures quality produce and continuity of supply.
  • Active in developing new export markets for fresh produce.

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