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Federated Farmers is a service provider representing the producer in the retail channel. Price negotiation and price discovery are based on daily activities within the broader fruit and vegetable industry. The price is given to the producer in advance. As Federated Farmers is an aggregator of producers, this results in a lower cost for everyone in the channel.

Federated Farmers has a solid understanding and many years of experience in the producer and retail businesses. Transactions are regulated by legislation (Act 12/92) which ensures greater security to producers. These transactions are fully transparent and supported by an effective administrative and financial system, as well as daily management of customers.

The farmer and the retailer will have 100% transparency as to where the product comes from and where it is going. True to RSA’s Farmer First Philosophy, Federated Farmers will refrain from listing competing growers and prefer to grow producers in the channel.

Advantages of using Federated Farmers:

  • Staging options in Johannesburg.
  • Staging depot reduces costs of crates, lugs and pallets.
  • Capable of daily deliveries to retail.
  • Improved planning for the producer.
  • Establishment of programmes within retail.
  • New product development.
  • Access to broader market information.
  • Admin costs saving due to shared infrastructure in the RSA Group.
  • Total transparency.
  • National footprint.
  • Established relationships.

Current business in retail includes:

  • Pick n Pay (national).
  • Woolworths.
  • Freshmark (national).
  • SPAR.
  • In2Foods.
  • DewCrisp.

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