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RSA Group is a South African based company, founded in 1984, that specialises in the sales and marketing of fresh fruit and vegetables on behalf of farmers in all marketing channels: markets, export, retail and e-commerce.

RSA Group has become a leader in its field by offering the sales edge in your marketing strategy that adds value to your business. We are passionate about fresh produce sales, and everything we do is rooted in our Farmer-First® philosophy.

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We’re the Wall Street of Fresh Produce

With over a million tonnes of product to sell annually and up to one thousand employees throughout our business units across South Africa, RSA Group is the only fresh produce organisation that operates in all channels: markets, export, retail and e-commerce.

With a diverse, international footprint and an energised sales team operating across a multi-channel network, it’s no exaggeration to say we’re southern Africa’s Wall Street of Fresh Produce.

We deliver on our farmers’ mandate by means of regular, comprehensive flow of market relevant data. Our procurement division and key traders are in touch with farms every day to share their knowledge of price movements and market forces in South Africa, and across the world. Ultimately, it’s this relationship with RSA Group that allows farmers to make the right decisions about which products to load, where to load them, and when.

Relationships are our strength

The fresh produce sector relies on long term relationships with farmers, buyers and all other relevant stakeholders, all with differing yet overlapping interests. In this environment, trust is the most valuable currency of all.

RSA Group facilitates the link between producers and buyers at fresh produce markets and retail and export channels world-wide.

Our business has grown over many years thanks to the strength and depth of the relationships we have with market management, farmers and buyers.

No farmer or buyer is a shareholder of RSA Group.

Market Agents

Market Agents are the link between the farmer and the buyer on the market.

Exports – Freshworld

Our Export Division, Freshworld (Pty) Ltd, is based in Stellenbosch and specialises in the export of fresh produce.

Retail – N’Voy

Federated Farmers is a service provider representing the producer in the retail channel.

E-commerce – RSA Beyond

RSA Beyond was launched more extensively in 2019, and services the fresh produce trade online.


Market Share on 12 Fresh Produce Markets in SA

Pallets in RSA cold storage facilities at point of sale

Employees across 13 businesses nationwide

Total estimate sales value of fresh produce in South Africa

The easiest diet is, you know, eat vegetables, eat fresh food. Just a really sensible healthy diet like you read about all the time.

– Drew Carey

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