How to become a buyer on the market

To purchase at the market, you must first register to be a buyer and receive a buyers’ card.

  1. You need to visit a customer service kiosk in one of the market halls
  2. There you will be required to complete a registration form and produce your Identity Document.
  3. You will then be issued with a market buyers’ card
  4. You will need to deposit your chosen amount of money onto your card.
  5. There is no minimum deposit required for but your buyer’s card has to have funds available in order to purchase produce
  6. You can spend all the funds available on your card at the end of each trading day, or the balance may be left on the card for purchasing at any other time.
  7. Further deposits may be made at any time at the customer services kiosk on the sales floor or via EFT payments.
  8. After making a purchase you will receive your goods, a receipt and a removal note.
  9. No produce may be removed from any sales floor without the official removal note.