RSA Group (then RSA Market Agents) was founded by Mike Loutfie on 14 August 1984, and has grown from a single market agency on the Joburg Fresh Produce Market to a group consisting of Direct, Export, Retail and Market Agency channels.

In 2017, African Rainbow Capital (ARC) invested in RSA Group. ARC is a JSE listed, black-owned and controlled investment company which focuses on the South African and African financial services industry, and invests in businesses able to deliver exceptional return on equity. It is led by one of South Africa’s most prominent business figures, Patrice Motsepe.

In 2018, RSA Group acquired Freshworld (Pty) Ltd, an established business with vast experience supplying international supermarkets with high-quality South African fruit. Freshworld operates with full autonomy, and the acquisition has proved to be a good fit for RSA Group, strengthening its market position locally and globally.  

Our Farmer-First® Philosophy delivers a secured sale at a fair market price through a transparent transaction. 

Choosing to partner with RSA Group means farmers are able to grow their brands and their businesses within an extensive, multi-channel network of professional sales people and buyers, supported by the best market intelligence and administration system.

We are best practice.


Our Mission

To maintain a position of leadership within the fresh produce industry.


Our Vision

To provide a professional sales service to all marketers of fresh produce by embracing our 8 core values:

Farmer-First® impacts every aspect of our business, but at heart it’s a simple idea: we are the industry leader because we offer farmers the sales edge they need to add value to their business market marketing.  It’s not only about our business model, it’s also about how we operate on the market floor and in retail and export channels.

Putting the farmer first and giving them the power of effective price discovery requires transparency and cost-consciousness. Our systems, people and processes deliver on this crucial frontline because we are entrepreneurial by nature. Farmer-First® also means staying aligned to the ever shifting winds of the global economy. RSA Group is a major southern Africa player in key industry bodies, including the Produce Agricultural Produce Agents Council and Produce Marketing Association and we are regulars at global trade shows and conferences.


A commitment to truth, honesty and trust.


We are answerable for all our actions and committed to serving the needs of our principals and their customers.


We are answerable for all our actions and committed to serving the needs of our principals and their customers.

Respect for the individual

The basis of all our behaviour. We will practise this principle with sincerity and faithfulness.


Our service will be of the highest standard, and we will continue to ensure that we incorporate the latest technologies into what we do.


To be loyal to all who support us, as well as to our values and principles.

Planning and preparation

To ensure our ability to meet our commitments each day.


Our channels of communication will always be open and honest.


To contribute proactively to the total fresh produce marketing system.