To send your produce to a fresh produce market, you first need to decide at which market you would like to operate and then appoint a market agent at that market.

Once you have chosen your agent, you need to follow a specific process:

  • Fresh produce must be packed according to legislative requirements. For more information. please visit where types and sizes of produce and packaging are detailed as well as inspection requirements and fees payable.
  • All produce sent to the market must have a consignment note with the producer’s contact details
  • Your load must be sent to your agent of choice at the market
  • Your agent will confirm receipt of your load and quality thereof
  • Your agent will confirm daily sales, prices and stock levels each day
  • Market commission is calculated on an Ad Valorem basis, according to gross value of the product
  • Payments to farmers/producers are made by your market agent
  • Cold storage and ripening rooms are available at the markets for a fee payable to the markets

10 things to know before sending your produce to the market.

  1. Know your product ie packaging, grading, sizing and price signals.
  2. Choose your agent wisely and preferably visit his/her floor before sending.
  3. Request a Fidelity Fund Certificate from your Sales Agent.
  4. Do market research on prices and trends before planting.
  5. Engage with your agent on your plantings, marketing periods and expected quantities.
  6. Communicate to your agent about deliveries, expectations and quality issues at least twice a day.
  7. Verify your sales reports daily and reconcile with your account sales.
  8. Pay attention to suggestions from your agent concerning requirements, trends and buyer feedback.
  9. Inform your agent of loads that need extra attention.
  10. Remember branding, quality and continuity are the keys to success.