Corporate Social Investment

The Mike Loutfie Foundation (MLF) was established to further Mike’s vision to uplift, grow and develop South Africa’s fresh produce industry.

The MLF focuses on two key areas of operation: social support and agri community education.

“The MLF is RSA Group’s recognition of Mike’s legacy, and our investment in the future. We are pushing forward with the principles he taught us.”
Jaco Oosthuizen

Group CEO, RSA Group

Mike Loutfie, perhaps one of the most renowned names in the South African fresh produce industry, was an exceptional family man and a highly successful businessman. His energetic personality, revolutionary thinking and leadership qualities – including his his continuous striving to make a social difference by empowering the people of the fresh produce industry – have endured.

Mike was famous across the fresh produce industry for the consistency and commitment of his social contributions. Not only was he passionate about using his position in the industry to send crucial nutrition to worthy organisations, he was equally committed to ensuring that once support was offered it was delivered on a consistent basis that the organisation could rely on.

Mike would never just ‘drop in’. No matter what form his social contribution took, it was always defined by consistency, and long term impact.

Mike sadly passed away on 13 September 2010. In 2018, two of his friends and colleagues, Jaco Oosthuizen (RSA Group CEO) and Johan Koen (RSA Group CFO), created an organisation in his honour to formalise the social investments Mike set in motion throughout his life.

Social support – continuing Mike’s social impact legacy

The MLF strives to build on the social foundations Mike established by continuing his support for a range of South African social development organisations, each of which receive regular donations of fresh produce to nourish their communities.

MLF fresh produce recipients include:

  • Gerald Fitzpatrick House
  • Nazareth House
  • Sisters of charity
  • UCPA
  • Meals on Wheels
  • Jabes Care Centre
  • Walking with winners
  • Sizanani Outreach Care centre
  • Sizanani Family Shield
  • Corinthians NPO

Agri community education – investing in South Africa’s future

Education is major challenge for many South African families, who simply cannot afford to give their children the start to life they would love to. The MLF agri community education programme bridges this gap.

The MLF assists RSA Group employees by offering them financial aid that allows their children to move successfully through the education system.

The programme operates in recognition of Mike’s long term vision of a vibrant, inclusive and dynamic South African fresh produce industry and society.

“Mike believed in people before they believed in themselves. I was young and raw, and I didn’t have clear ideas about where I wanted to go in life. Mike saw my potential, and quietly guided me into the industry I love, and into a career I treasure. I know many, many people within the RSA Group community, and far beyond, who tell the same story.”
Jaco Oosthuizen

Group CEO, RSA Group

I am the recipient of a Mike Loutfie Foundation bursary, which is helping me to pursue a Diploma in Information Technology at Richfield Graduate Institute of Technology. I would not have been able to pursue this field if not for the MLF bursary. I am grateful for the opportunity, and my vision after I complete my three-year course is to work in a reputable company and learn and grow within the industry.

Shayur Rachpall

Bursary Holder

I am a 21-year-old student at Rosebank College, studying a Higher Certificate in Business Management. I would not have been able to study if not for the Mike Loutfie Foundation bursary, which has assisted me in paying for my institutional fees. I am grateful for the opportunity, and my goal is to achieve a good set of results so that I can complete this qualification and further my studies, as well as use this qualification to open up my own business.


Bursary Holder

The fresh produce donations we receive from the Mike Loutfie Foundation are essential to our organisation. They help us to ensure that our residents, who are mostly SASSA beneficiaries with no families or limited financial support, have access to the nutritious food they need to survive on a daily basis. Without these donations, we would not be able to provide the same level of care and support to our residents.

Caroline Makubela

General Manager, Gerald Fitzpatrick House and Nursing Home

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