RSA Joburg Enterprise Development Programme

As part of their Enterprise Development Programme, RSA Joburg has been improving small entrepreneurs’ lives by uplifting them as well as encouraging a more hygienic environment on RSA Joburg market floors and in the offices.  

Three trolleys have been built for registered food vendors who have been trading outside the RSA Joburg Veg, Fruit and Pots and Onions Halls as part of their Enterprise Development programme.   Thoko’s Confectionery Coffee & Burgers  is situated outside the RSA Joburg Fruit entrance, Paulus’ Mobile Kitchen is outside the RSA Veg and Tshakane Coffee and Snacks is outside RSA Potatoes and Onions. These food vendors are thrilled with their trolleys and feel that the improvement in their work environment has improved dramatically.

RSA  Joburg has also embarked on a hygiene drive to clean the market floors and offices.  Clinton Gregorio of Germ Diggers was identified as the entrepreneur they would like to develop.  They entered into an enterprise development agreement  whereby RSA Joburg assisted with the purchasing of two Factory Cat floor cleaning machines.  These were financed by RSA and after a 3 year period Clinton will become the owner of the equipment.  The total value of this investment is just under R300 000.  Since then, Clinton has also been doing other cleaning work on the RSA Joburg floors eg deep cleaning of the fridges on the floor, office carpets, windows as well as assisting him to develop work outside of RSA